We all know how great it is to play golf; whether it’s 18 holes on a sunny afternoon, a trip abroad to play on a course in stunning location, a session on the driving range or even just a bit of fun with the kids on our adventure golf course. Whatever it is, the game is a great way to pass the time, socialise with friends and get some exercise. 

 But that’s just what we all think as devotees to the sport but there is some science behind it too. Golf can be a physical and mental work out that will benefit you in so many different ways. Here we take a look at those benefits:

Get Your Vitamin D Fix

This obviously depends where and when you play! A trip abroad for a round in Spain or Portugal will pretty much guarantee the sunshine all year round where you can soak up the rays and get that all important vitamin D into your system. 

 Vitamin D is great for boosting your immune system, it also regulates calcium and phosphate which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Eighteen holes of golf will certainly give you plenty of exposure to the sun but just remember to put the sun cream on too.


It’s A Social Sport

Golf might be an individual sport rather than a team game but it doesn’t mean that it’s not sociable too. 

 Whether you’re playing with friends or joining with other players, you can’t help but chat and interact with other players. Don’t forget the bar afterwards too where you can relive each shot with your fellow players!


It Can Be Enjoyed Just How You Like It

Whether you are working on your own handicap and you’re challenging yourself to improve it or you’re competing against other players in a competition, it can be enjoyed just as you like it.
Equally, you might be just looking to play a round with no scorecards or competition and want to play for the fun of it. The beauty of this is that you can do exactly what you like to please yourself.

Your Brain Gets A Workout Too

Whether it’s hand-eye coordination or working out your angles for a long drive, golf is a great sport for boosting your mind.
It teaches accuracy, focus and concentration and there’s an element of creative thinking too as it often means that you have to visualise shots one or two steps ahead.
All of this means that while you’re physically challenging yourself, your mind is getting a workout at the same time.

It’s Good For Your Heart

All that walking and swinging means that it will certainly get your heart pumping and your circulation going.
Anything that gives your heart the right kind of workout could help to lower your risk of heart disease and even help with things like cholesterol levels.

Relieve Stress And Improve Mental Health

This one does come with a slight warning! Golf can be a frustrating activity and, as they say, it’s easy to play but difficult to master!
However, overall it’s a great way to relieve stress and forget the troubles of the day while you’re out on the course. From that point of view, it’s great to improve mental health.
Taking on the course, in the open air and beautiful surroundings is ideal to clear your mind. This can have such a positive effect on your mood and even help to combat depression.

Help With Weight Loss

Just because a round of golf doesn’t feel like a session in the gym or taking part in an exercise class doesn’t mean that it’s not an activity that doesn’t burn calories.
The average length of walking on an 18 hole course is around four miles – but that is walking round the course, not jumping on a golf buggy! Plus the activity of swing the club will have an effect on the calorie burning too.

Learn A Skill For Life

Once you can play golf, it is something that can stay with you forever. Whether it’s business meetings on the golf course or social meet ups with friends, once you can hold your own on the course it can come handy for all sorts of situations. There’s plenty of big business decisions that have been made while playing a round of golf!

Low Impact Activity

While no sport or activity can be totally injury risk free, golf is very much a low impact sport.
With no running or jumping involved, there is very little risk of damage from that point of view.
Of course pulls and strains from the swinging action are something to consider but just like all sports, an effective warm up beforehand will always help with that.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

This is a combination of all of the other benefits giving you a great result. From the fresh air and the exercise to the mental satisfaction, it all adds up to great night’s sleep.
You’ll be mentally and physically worn out – in a good way! And when you have a good rest at night you wake up refreshed and sharper in your mind which can help in all sorts of ways including…..improving your golf game.

So, there’s plenty of reasons why enjoying a regular golf session is so beneficial and even if it’s not a full round, just taking part in the activity in whichever form you can is great for all the reasons we’ve listed here.
For everything from a range session to buying new gear or just some general golfing fun, you can experience it all here at Four Ashes.