After 16 years, and well over 300-thousand miles of travelling together, Ashes Andy was extremely attached to his silver Audi, as regular visitors to Four Ashes well knew.

But eventually he had to admit it was time for a replacement, and accepted that a car with such high mileage would be good for nothing more than the scrapyard!

But Andy wanted his beloved car to bow out in a blaze of glory. So one weekend in June he parked it on the Four Ashes driving range, and invited visitors to aim their golf balls at it. In return, a £3 donation from every basket of balls purchased over the Saturday and Sunday would be contributed to Four Ashes’ chosen charity, Marie Curie.
He duly raised a fantastic £750!

The idea proved phenomenally popular

andys-car-front“I love that car, I’ve had it 16 years, and it’s probably the only car my kids have known – it’s part of the family. But I had to admit it was time for a change, however much I tried to resist it!

“So I came up with this idea, and it proved phenomenally popular with visitors, who seemed to relish the challenge of hitting it from a distance of 90 yards, to where I parked it on the driving range,” he said. “After two days it was looking much the worse for wear: battered all over the body work and indented by the force of golf balls battering it, and just for good measure, most of the windows were smashed too!”

But Andy took it all on the chin. Indeed, by popular demand, the car has been out on the range a few times since, with Andy still deciding what to do with what’s left of it.

“If it meant raising money for a great cause, then I could deal with it,” he said. “Marie Curie is a charity that is very close to the hearts of Fred and Vicky who own Four Ashes, and the simple fact is that all of us know someone whose lives have been touched in some way by the dreaded cancer.”

An awesome gesture by Andy and Four Ashes


And the Marie Curie fundraising team were thrilled to bits when Andy invited them to Four Ashes to receive the cheque for £750.

“What a fantastic idea, and what an awesome gesture by Andy and Four Ashes,” said Nina Baker, Marie Curie Community Fund Raiser, South Birmingham and Solihull. “This is just so unique, it’s a wonderful donation for us, but I did feel very sorry for the car when I had a look at it!

“We at Marie Curie in Solihull cannot thank enough all those who took part and contributed towards this amazing donation, it really is extremely appreciated.”

Nina was given a guided tour of Four Ashes, including the popular 18-hole Adventure Golf course, and is now excited about returning, and having a game herself. “Four Ashes is a superb local facility, and the Adventure Golf is fantastic,” she said.

“It’s the perfect venue for a family fund raising event, so it is something we will be looking into for next year, and Four Ashes are very keen to help us organise it, which is great.”