Here at Four Ashes Golf Centre we see a huge range of ages coming along to play golf.

Whether it’s on the driving range or the adventure golf, the benefits of playing if your six or 60 are clear to us. There’s always the added advantage of enjoying a coffee, cake or ice cream once you’ve played too.

While it’s a lot of fun and great to get involved, there is also a recognised set of health benefits too. In September we are welcoming Daleswood Health to Four Ashes Golf Centre to meet and talk to our customers about the GP services but here are some of the great benefits that golf can do for you, especially if you’re retired and perhaps not as active as you once were.

The Physical Side


There’s lots of facets to the physical activity that golf brings.

It’s claimed that Mark Twain once said that “Golf is a good walk ruined” but the fact is that from a walking point of view, it can be up to four miles on an 18 hole course.

In addition, the action of the golf swing itself promotes core muscle strength and in terms of the calories, it’s pretty good too. An hour at the driving range could burn around 180 calories, while playing a round of golf, could burn four or five times that amount.

Even taking in a round on our adventure golf course, is great for staying active. No matter how much or how little, keeping moving is important as you get older, and the challenge of the 18 holes of the adventure golf is ideal as a once a week challenge to get you moving.

The Mental Side

There’s nothing better than having fun to release those endorphins in the brain and golf can certainly offer that.

Throw in our adventure golf as an option and it can be a great way to relax and switch off. If you’re playing on our driving range we often include challenges and games to aim your shots at just to keep it interesting. On its own though, it can be equally as therapeutic just to switch off hitting those balls, perfecting your swing or just taking out some frustrations on that bucket of balls.

An altogether different mental challenge is the adventure golf, this might be more about avoiding the water hazard or not hitting the obstacles but nevertheless it’s a great way to get lost from everything for an hour or so.


The Social Side

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Golf offers the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and socialise.

An 18 hole round is perfect to spend some time chatting and playing with old friends, colleagues or family.

If you’re looking for something to keep the grandchildren happy then playing a round on the adventure golf course is perfect. It’s ideal to spend some time with them, help them develop co-ordination, independence and some competitive spirit.

So if you’re thinking about taking up golf, getting back into it or enjoying the social side then there’s a good chance that you’ll develop more than a better swing or work on lowering your handicap. You’ll see a whole host of benefits on the physical and mental side and if you’re in need of a GP or some medical advice then come along on the 25th September 2018 to meet the guys from Daleswood Health.