Meet David Moult – Four Ashes Golf Centre’s personal fitness specialist. David works out of his own dedicated fitness studio at Four Ashes, offering bespoke solutions to all his clients, who he works with purely on a ‘one-2-one’ basis.

“For many, privacy is a big thing, and they can work at their own pace, without any distractions other than my guidance, advice and observations,” said David, who has been based at Four Ashes for five years now.

“I know Phil Lanigan very well – Phil runs the Club Class golf repair centre here – and he told me there was a room available, so I decided to go for it, turn it into a small fitness studio, and offer yet another service at Four Ashes.

“I love golf, and I love fitness,” said David. “I also love sharing my enthusiasm for being fit and healthy. My job gives me enormous satisfaction and what’s really good is that as more people are getting to know about me, the busier I’m becoming here.”

Custom fit to the individual needs of the person I’m working with

What David has set up is a lovely studio furnished by modern, diverse, and exclusive fitness equipment that meets all needs. And we are talking about someone who is well suited for the service he offers: David studied sport science and leisure management at college, and has been a keen student of fitness and well-being all his life – setting up his ‘CustomFit’ business in 2011 at Four Ashes was the fulfilment of a long-time aspiration.

“It’s called ‘CustomFit’ because that’s the service I offer – it is custom fit to the individual needs of the person I’m working with,” he said. “It could be recuperation from an injury – some of my clients work out with me after a hip or knee replacement, for example.

“It could be for someone who wants to lose weight, or who wants to do a fitness programme with me ahead of an event they may be taking part in, or who simply wants to get fit, or to build up their general strength.

And being based at a Golf Centre, David also works with individuals who want a specific fitness for golf programme, be it those who play the game to a high level, or those just starting out. “I concentrate on movement ability,” said David, who carries a certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI Certified Level 1.

Whatever the requirements of my client, I adapt accordingly

“Golf is very much about mobility and flexibility, and that’s what we concentrate on,” he said. “As I say, I offer one-2-one fitness, custom fit to the needs and requirements of my client of all levels, and I know that what appeals to many is that it’s private.

“You can book an initial consultation with me, a one-off fitness session, or a series of six sessions, it’s very flexible, and as I say, whatever the requirements of my client, I adapt accordingly,” said David, who also gives advice on diet and nutrition for better health and general fitness.

If you would like to book a one-2-one fitness session with David at Four Ashes Golf Centre, call him on 07449 191188, or email

More information, check out his website

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