Raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Centre

We’re raising money for the local Marie Curie Cancer Centre at Four Ashes next weekend. And at the
same time, helping our own ‘Ashes Andy’ say farewell to his beloved silver Audi.

Andy’s had that car for 16 years, he loves it, and together they’ve cover 354,000 miles. But his car has now seen better days, and is fit only for the ‘knacker’s yard’ – and for Andy, it’s time to say farewell.



So over the weekend of Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18, Andy is going to park the car on our Four Ashes Driving Range, and the idea is to hit his car with your golf balls while practising your game. It’s only heading off for scrap afterwards, so don’t worry about the damage. Andy wants the car to go out in style!

For every basket of golf balls that’s bought over those two days, Andy will be donating £3 of the fee to Marie Curie Cancer Centre, and if anyone else wants to make a contribution, then all the better.

And all this is thanks to a fantastic Facebook campaign, in which Andy came up with the idea, then said he would go ahead and do it if his ‘post’ achieved 201 likes. He reached his target at a canter, and now he’s proving true to his word.



“Everyone tells me I must change the car, but it’s my beloved, and it’s hard to part,” Andy tells us. “But now I have no choice, and I’m delighted it will be going out in style!”

Andy is also looking for sponsors to promote their business, and by doing so, also make a contribution to a great cause. If you would like to help, call Andy on 01564 739559.

Everyone’s welcome at Four Ashes Golf Centre. Come and give Andy’s car a big ‘farewell’, and raise lots of money for a great cause by doing so!