Your New Year Resolutions

If, like many people at this time of year, you are working on new year’s resolutions then the chances are that you might be resolving to get fit, lose weight or generally start to feel better about yourself.

There are plenty of ways to achieve all of these but we’ve got one solution that covers everything in one go.  Have you thought about golf as a way to get fit?  The chances are that you probably have read articles that explain about the health benefits of playing golf and ways to take advantage of this great sport.  However it’s not just about the exercise and physical benefits of golf, it can also be great for the mind too.

There is something called ecotherapy which is the idea of combining activity with being outdoors.  Golf is perfect for this, the activity along with the environment is great for the mind.  A golf course by its very nature means that it will generally be a very green location but you can get the same effect from a driving range too.  Our range here at Four Ashes has a very picturesque outlook as you stand in our bays and hit balls one after another.  Of course, our bays are all covered too so you don’t even have to worry about the rain.


Get rid of those frustrations

And speaking of hitting balls over and over again, what can be more therapeutic than taking out all your frustrations on a golf ball by hitting it as far as you can.  Over and over again.  If you’ve had a bad day at the office or are feeling frustrated, then our range is perfect for getting it all out of your system.  We often have people who come for a session on the driving range before they go home and thrash out all the tensions of the day.  It’s amazing to see how much better they feel afterwards – the perfect way to give the mind a refresh and a workout.

Of course there is even more to what golf can do for the mind because it’s always good to play golf with friends.  Just the very nature of socialising can do wonders for your state of mind whether it’s while you’re playing or afterwards, it can be ideal.  Regular and positive interactions with other people are vital in stopping mental health problems from occurring and golf is great for this.  It allows for conversation during playing and of course the analysis and banter afterwards.  A session on our driving range isn’t complete without a drink or two in the café afterwards where you can chat away about whatever you want.

Another great exercise for the mind from golf is that it allows you to focus on a single thing.  Often, when the mind is racing from one thing to another this leads to poor mental health but concentrating on one thing in particular like getting your swing right, connecting with the ball properly, perfecting your aim or just developing a consistent routine.  Whatever it is, that focus can mean that you shut everything else out which is like a cleanser for your mind.

checking -hole-golf

Burn up to 2000 calories

You’ll often find that golfers will be doing all of this without actually realising it, but just being aware of the benefits that this can offer is great for the mind in itself.  When you combine this with the physical benefits, then golf really can offer one of the best all round healthy activities. It’s estimated that a round of 18 holes can involve up to five miles of walking burning around 2000 calories.

So, if your new year’s resolution is wavering already and you’re not sure how you’re going to keep up that healthy lifestyle or you’re trying to keep your mind fresh, you could do worse than to play golf.  Like some of the best activities, you could be gaining more than you realise while you’re having a great time.

We have some great offers on at the driving range in January and we are open all year round so there are plenty of opportunities to play and practice your golf game as well as trying the socialising part in our café too.  Contact us now if you would like more details.