Golf After Lockdown

We’ve been following the government guidelines here at Four Ashes Golf Centre regarding the reopening of the facilities and it has been very much a step by step process.  Coming out of lockdown has meant that we have had to adjust the way we deliver our services and our customers have had to get used to a different way of enjoying everything from the adventure golf to the driving range, the golf shop and the café.  Our customers have been delighted to be able to come back and get on the driving range and shake off that rustiness that built up over the whole lockdown period.  Even now though, many people are still wary about going out and being in situations where there are lots of people.  This who have been shielding extensively due to health reasons are understandably taking things one step at a time.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to change the way you have always done things.  Things that are second nature and you probably do them without even thinking.  There are lots of examples of us all having to adjust but we’ve got a few that relate to getting back out on the golf course.   After all, our driving range is great, especially with the Top Tracer bays but nothing beats getting back out there on the golf course.  It may seem obvious but it’s also so easy to forget so try and remember these basic things when you get back out there.


Follow The Social Distancing Guidelines

Before you go, check the course that your visiting has it’s guidelines in place.  We all know about keeping a 2m distance apart from others but there may some specific guidelines that relate to the course.  This could be regarding arrivals, teeing off, being in and around the clubhouse.  Whatever it may be, familiarise yourself so that you are ready when you arrive.

Don’t shake hands

It’s such a natural thing that we probably do it without realising whether it’s at the start or the end, it will usually happen at some point.  Just remember that the fist bump or the elbow touch is the new etiquette or you could even touch clubs.

Keep Your Equipment To Yourself

This doesn’t just apply to clubs but also towels, tees, markers, balls.  Anything at all.  Passing anything between other people obviously heightens the risk of passing on the virus so just think twice before you do it, even if you’re trying to be helpful.

Don’t Forget The Hand Sanitiser

Even though they will probably have it covered pretty well around the course, take your own hand sanitiser just in case.  If you do end up touching all kinds of things that you shouldn’t, it’s good to have some ready just in case.

Smoothing The Bunkers

Rakes and other tools should have been removed from the sand areas but just in case they haven’t, don’t even think about picking them up to use them.  Just use your feet or your club to do the best you can in the circumstances.

Enjoy it!

Despite all these mini restrictions and things to remember, the best thing is that at least we’re able to get out there and play.  So just sticking to these simple rules means that hopefully, we can all carry on doing the things we enjoy and move forward to some level of normality soon.

If you’re not ready to play a round of golf just yet, you can always practice on the Driving Range here at Four Ashes or if you want to ease back into it, you could start with a round on the Adventure Golf course instead.  We have all the social distancing guidelines in place and if you’re not sure of anything just ask a member of our team and we’ll be happy to help.