Relaxing break for Santa ahead of his busiest month of the year!

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Busiest night for some…

We are approaching the busiest night of the year for Father Christmas – and though he is already extremely busy preparing for Christmas Eve, we’re delighted he found time to stop by at Four Ashes Golf Centre.

While with us, he enjoyed a round of Adventure Golf, and told us how lots of local children had said how much they themselves love playing Adventure Golf here.

“So I had to stop by and see it for myself, and I’ve had a very jolly time,” he said after completing his round.

santa -cafe


Hot chocolate but no mince pie!

Before heading off to continue preparations for his many deliveries late into Christmas Eve, Father Christmas enjoyed a hot chocolate in the Caddyshack Cafe – but no mince pie, he’ll be eating plenty of those next month!

Maybe he’ll visit us again when he’s not so busy. But for the team at Four Ashes it was a lovely surprise, and has started to make us all feel very seasonal!

Oh, and there’ll be a very Christmassy theme on the Adventure Golf course from December 20, when all children who come along and have a game receive a free soup and hand warmer – great family fun for all over the holiday period.

Everyone’s welcome, though Father Christmas might just be a bit too busy to join us for that.