Updated Court

The Court has now been updated to a firmer playing surface.

Try this new fun for the whole family. Boules, also known as Petanque is open all week round and designed to suit players of all abilities.

It has simple rules where the 2 teams have to throw their metallic boules and try to get as close to the coloured cochonnet ball as possible.

The team with the closest boule to the cochonnet gets one point for each of their team’s boules nearest to the cochonnet ball per round. The game has however many rounds you decide (say 13) and the winning team is the first to achieve this total.


Only £5:00/hour for 4 adults or a family group

Bookings are on the hour and last 60 minutes.

Maximum of 4 players or a family group.

Phone our Golf Range on 01564 739 559 to book your slot.

Alternatively pop into our Cafe Bar to book in person.


The quiet before the storm...

Early morning. A good chance to get a slot on the Boules court. The court always gets busier in the afternoons so avoid the crowds by coming down early for your session.