At just seven years old, Spencer Campbell is already reaping the benefit of having golf lessons with Four Ashes Golf Centre PGA professionals Paul Sherrington and Steve Dunbar for the past year – he has just won his first trophy!

Spencer, who first picked up a golf club when he was just three years old, took first prize in an under 8s junior tournament at Fulford Heath Golf Club, where he also attends golf classes. And he is already back on the driving range and the practice pitches at Four Ashes to prepare for the next opportunity to compete against other young enthusiasts.

“He was absolutely thrilled to win, and all his family are really proud of him,” said Spencer’s dad, Gary. “He loves his golf, and his favourite player is Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston.

“Paul and Steve at Four Ashes have been brilliant with Spencer, but while it was exciting to win a trophy, the most important thing is that he enjoys himself, and has fun, which is precisely what he is doing.”

“He’s sports mad!”

Spencer, who lives with his family in Hockley Heath, has a love of all sports, especially football, swimming, taekwondo, cricket, and rugby.

“He loves his golf, but he’s sports mad,” said Gary. “He is already dreaming about becoming a professional sportsman when he’s older; at the moment he’s not sure whether he wants to be a golfer, play football for Aston Villa, or be an England rugby international!”

But whatever sport he chooses to pursue at a more serious level, should he do so, there is no doubt Spencer has a genuine aptitude for golf. Paul Sherrington said that was down to his hard work and dedication.

Infectious enthusiasm

“He has a willingness to learn, works really hard, and his enthusiasm for golf is infectious,” said Paul. “He’s a lovely young lad who really enjoys himself, and deserves his win for his dedication.”

(Photograph shows Spencer pictured with Steve Dunbar (left) and Paul Sherrington.)