When it comes to team building events or organising corporate away days then there are a few images that come to mind. It’s usually getting everyone in the office to take part in an exercise that may involve getting wet, dressing up in silly clothes for a challenge or some kind of extreme sports activities that involve climbing, abseiling or jumping from a great height.

While all those kind of ideas for team building activities may seem like a lot of fun, the chances are that there will be people at your company who would describe something like that as pure hell! So, we have an idea for a corporate away day right here at Four Ashes Golf Centre that has a good chance of keeping everyone happy.

Ever Thought About Adventure Golf?

We take regular group bookings for corporate events, team building activities and company away days in the Solihull area and beyond for our adventure golf course.

Already this year we’ve taken bookings from companies that are combining their stay with our neighbours at the fantastic Hogarths Hotel with some team building fun on our adventure golf course. It seems to be the perfect combination and we often see that even those who claim not to like golf are soon channelling their inner Tiger Woods and counting the shots on the scorecard for office bragging rights.


It seems that the great appeal is that our adventure golf course is a great leveller. In other words, it’s simple enough to play but still hard to master meaning that nearly everyone has a decent chance of coming out on top.

If you’re looking to beat the boss, then this could be your chance but above everything else, it’s just great fun. We organise our group bookings into teams so you can compete within your group or play as a team against the others on the course.

One of the best things about it is that your staff will start to come together, have fun and generally have a great time without even realising it. If you’ve all been hard at work in seminars or meetings all day then it’s the perfect way to switch off and relax without climbing ropes or getting wet (although we do have several water hazards around the course!).

If you’re a community group or organisation it could also be a great way to raise funds for your group. We have a great scheme which allows you to claim back up to half of the money if you are a community organisation – get in touch to find out more.


Of course, it’s not all just about the adventure golf though because we have a café and bar to relax in afterwards in the clubhouse or if the weather is good then you can sit outside too.

If you’re looking for exclusive use then we can arrange that with enough advance warning and can even arrange for beer, wine and snacks in addition to the ice cream on offer in the adventure golf hut.

Business Networking With A Difference

We recently welcomed Solihull marketing and networking company, Together Marketing, to the course who used it as a networking venue. While they normally organise business networking at hotels and venues across Solihull, they chose to host an event here.

The delegates all played a round of adventure golf before networking outside, afterwards with drinks and snacks.

The feedback we had was great as it was nothing like anything they had ever done before and it certainly left an impression on the delegates who enjoyed business networking with a difference.