If you are having trouble with your golf clubs, then you definitely need to chat to Phil Lanigan – a much respected member of the Four Ashes team, whose golf club repair business, Club Class, is based at our Golf Centre. Phil is not only a great guy, he is also very good at his job, and one of only very few (12 at the last count) who provide the detailed repair and service of golf clubs that he does. It’s 30 years since Phil started repairing clubs, and 21 years since he set himself up at Four Ashes, and is a long established popular face around the Golf Centre

A new grip can make a big difference

“Repairing golf clubs is very varied,” he told us. “It could mean the grip needs changing, the shafts are wearing thin, or maybe the clubs need pitting – when the metal gets weathered or rusty,” said Phil. “A new grip can make such a difference, the point of contact makes the clubs feel brand new,” said Phil. “I guess what I do is extend the lifespan of a set of golf clubs, and obviously buying new ones isn’t cheap. That said. if I think a club has outlived its usefulness I wouldn’t then hesitate to recommend they go and see the team next door in the golf shop.” For general repairs, the turnaround time is three days, though Phil can re-grip while you wait. “It’s a good excuse to pop round to the cafe and have a drink or even a bite to eat,” he said. Phil is very much a team player, and works closely with everyone at Four Ashes. “We’ve got a fantastic golf shop, a superb driving range and practice area, three top class PGA teaching pros, Dave Moult provides a great service in the fitness area, the cafe‘s fantastic; I’m really proud of what we’ve got at Four Ashes,” he said. 

The big names have sought help from Phil

“The introduction of the Adventure Golf course last year has been brilliant for families, and it’s lovely to see so many new faces visiting us – some who then go on to book lessons with Paul, Russell or Steve, which is great.” Phil has worked with some familiar faces from the world of golf over the years, repairing clubs for famous names including Sandy Lyle and Paul McGinley, and more recently Steve Webster and Sam Walker. But Phil is always on hand to give out some friendly advice to the recreational player as much as he enjoys helping the pros. And watching him work is fascinating, such is his attention to detail – it’s well worth popping by to see him at work! And clearly his own clubs are in good shape: he plays off 8! “I’ve loved golf all my life, and I’m privileged to do a job that gives me so much reward,” he told us. You can contact Phil on 01564 771057, or find him next to the Golf Store.