This is a question that gets asked a lot and there are a variety of answers depending on your viewpoint and the age of your child!

There is one person to blame for those who subscribe to the ‘they should be playing golf while still in nappies’ school of thought. That person is, of course, Tiger Woods who was showing his golfing potential as early as the age of two. He also had a dedicated and driven father who simply ensured that golf came first, second and third in his son’s life from a very early stage. Whilst the success of Tiger is there for all to see, it’s also debatable as to the type of upbringing that Tiger received. That, however, is a discussion for another day.

Without turning your child into the next Tiger Woods, you can still get them playing and interested in this great sport at an early stage so it can be something that they can enjoy for their whole life.

Having Fun Is Key

So, what is a good age for children to start playing golf?

There is no definitive answer to this as only you will know your child’s attention span, interests and ability but it certainly doesn’t have to be at the age of two.

Whether they are a toddler or a teenager, the most important thing is that they show an interest in playing and they enjoy it. And just like you wouldn’t teach them to swim by throwing them in the ocean, we don’t recommend that you take them to your nearest 18 hole course and take them on a round.

A driving range is the perfect place to build up their confidence, learn how to hit a ball and develop their technique. As they improve with practice, they’ll enjoy some of the fun elements that a driving range can incorporate – here at Four Ashes Golf Centre we often include some fun games like our ‘smash the melon’ challenge which the kids will love having a go at.

It’s All About Having A Go

The key is for children of any age to enjoy playing and they’ll soon be getting competitive and improving their swing without even realising. How often they play should be up to them too, Tiger was playing practically every day as a child but you should let your child decide. Forcing it upon them could turn them off golf before they’ve even got going. The beauty of a driving range too is that you can play in all weather if it’s covered so there’s no rain stops play here.

Once they’ve got the golf bug then you may want to consider lessons to start developing their technique even further. Again, we offer junior golf lessons which are ideal for children aged five to 15 and we accommodate all abilities whatever the stage of their golf development.

Contact us to find out more about our junior golf lessons in Solihull and if you need some help or advice on whether you think it’s right for your child just ask one of our members of staff.

Wednesday 10.30 am Friday 11:00am If you are a keen lady golfer looking to learn in a friendly environment with other ladies then look no further. Paul has been running ladies group lessons for years and built up a great reputation for developing lady golfers at local clubs. Paul also runs group golf playing away days so there's plenty to look forward to. £10.00 per person (One hour lesson, coffee)